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by MDY

I sometimes feel like I’m not one person, but infinite copies of myself stretched across time, like a concertina fold of character. And since I’m not who I was, then everything I do becomes an act of trust in a stranger, from past or future – from looking for my passport to writing this note. Do I trust myself? Not always, but I don’t have a choice. All I can do is do my best for the next copy in front of me, and the next, and the next, and hope they don’t screw up.



by MDY

Ever since Bennie became a zombie, he’s been promoted twice as fast as everyone else on the team. It’s not like he’s more productive – and his communications skills are literally monosyllabic – but he works through the night every night and he has an excuse for looking half-dead in the morning. I overheard HR the other day discussing Ebola as a way to boost workforce output. No offence, but his cubicle smelt corrupt even before he turned.


by MDY

I got married to a kraken yesterday. People often ask me if it’s a case of opposites attract – I work in HR, he sinks pirate ships and terrorises coastal towns – but you don’t fall in love with someone just because of who they are or aren’t. When he wraps his tentacles around me I feel so safe, like the world could tumble down and I wouldn’t have to know. We’ve already picked out our new place, a little cottage by the sea. He wants to call it Atlantis. He’s silly like that.